Grade 1 and 2 Swimming Program

Grade 1 and 2 students took part in their annual swimming program where safety was the top priority. Swimming and playing in the pool was fun for everyone, as well as great exercise.  

Grade 3 and 4 Camp Wombat Corner

Grade 3 and 4 students had a wonderful time on camp at Wombat Corner, Emerald for three days, two nights. Students were in groups and enjoyed these activities: flying fox, climbing wall, canoeing, archery, bush hut building, mini golf and low ropes. On the second day...

Robotics Program

As part of our whole-school robotics program, our Grade 3 and 4 students have been learning to code using our Dash robots. After constructing their own obstacle course, the students then had to program their robot to navigate through their course.    ...