On Monday the 13th February past student Kim Brennan visited Templestowe Heights Primary. It was a very special morning as Kim met all our students and shared not only the stories of how she became an Olympic gold medallist, but also all the students were able to hold her gold medal. Our year 5/6 students lead a Q&A session for all students in year 3-6, she spoke with all our junior school students (Foundation-2) and had a meeting to talk about leadership with all our year 6 students who were elected to School Captain positions. The most memorable story Kim shared of her time at Templestowe Heights Primary was how desperate she was to make the school’s rounders team. She explained how strict and tough the rounders team teacher was at the time, and that making the team meant everything to her. When the day came, Kim detailed how proud she was to be handed her rounders uniform which was a brown, stiff, school tunic. She was so nervous however that she claims she dropped every catch during her first match. What was so refreshing to hear was Kim’s constant message of giving things a try and enjoying whatever it is you do.