Art Show

Templestowe Heights proudly displays all of the students art work in our bi-annual Art Show allowing our community the opportunity to enjoy the experience.


Wow…what a fantastic experience it was going to the Art Show…..Congratulations to all involved, it was magical to see such beautiful, imaginative and colourful artwork which can only be a reflection of the dedication and inspiration shown by the caring teachers in an environment that is full of growth and encouragement.

Thank-you for making our world a more colourful one!


Kindest regards,

A grand opening night commenced proceedings with parents, invited guests and Jason Smith, director of the Heide Museum Of Modern Art, on hand to enjoy the intimate occasion. On this night Jason Smith unfurled the Heide Award winning art piece, art work by Jordan.

Also unfurled by Jason Smith were the framed art work pieces produced with the involvement of every child in each Level within the school. These were successfully sold during the Silent Auction and now adorn the walls of four lucky homes.

‘The Art Show is a celebration of our student’s artistic journey.

Little hands create the most powerful and inspiring art. Art that sings, art that dances, art that makes them think backwards and art that tells their stories.

At age 13 Picasso could draw a self portrait as if it was a mirror image. So why did he spend his adult life trying to paint anything but that?

“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up” (Picasso) It takes courage to be an artist. The role of an Art teacher is to help those little hands (and not so little anymore) communicate visually their artistic journey. Our exhibition started with paintings of our preps as they start to explore the world of colour and as you move through the exhibition you will witness how the children’s art unpacks so much about their personalities, their culture and their commitment to Art education’.

Visual Arts Teacher

The Templestowe Heights Art Show displays the fantastic work that is undertaken by all of our students throughout the course of the year. From modroc elephants to 3D scarecrows the art mediums used were vast and expansive.

But it is not only the students who have their art on show. Our families join in by contributing to our themed giant mosaic. This year the families were asked to decorate a fish using recycled products in a selected colour. These were then displayed all together in a huge display. Can you see the odd fish out?

And the staff didn’t miss out on the fun. They had to decorate a shoe that represented them to be used in a competition to guess ‘which teacher belonged to which shoe?’

A highlight of the Art Show was the performance of Western Australian artist Phil Doncon’s in his show ‘Paint Storm’. The Paint Storm approach to art seeks to help students to connect with art in a way that is dynamic and challenging, but most of all fun! Phil is a speed painter who produces large paintings in a matter of minutes. He interacts with the audience and has them join in the experience by producing their own speed painting.

We can’t forget the many Craft Stalls that added excitement to the Art Show. Hand crafted chopping boards, book marks, African woven bowls, handbags and jams were just a few of the many popular stalls that were visited.

The family’s just home from 3 and a half hours at the Art Show and I wanted to pass on how fantastic we all thought it was. The weather didn’t matter; the markets were a fabulous mix; Phil from W.A.’s speed painting show was brilliant; and the kids’ artworks were really impressive. I loved it last time but this time it was even bigger and better, with a festive atmosphere, and much more enjoyable than other school fairs.

It was also lovely for Koru to have a few things exhibited, which made him very proud.

Thanks to our art teacher and others for all their hard work, which was a credit to the school!



The Art Show at Templestowe Heights Primary School will continue to be an important community event on the school calendar!