Perceptual Motor Program

“A Perceptual Motor Program aims to develop a child’s perceptions and understandings of him/her self and his/her world through movement and motor experiences”

(A Perceptual Motor Program – Manual for Teachers 4th Edition 2007 Bulluss & Coles)

Our Perceptual Motor Program aims to give the child experiences in seeing, hearing, touching, processing, making perceptual judgements and reacting though carefully sequenced activities which children enjoy doing like running, hopping, skipping, jumping, balancing, crawling, climbing, throwing, catching, bowling, sliding, etc., using a variety of common and specially designed equipment.

The Perceptual Motor Program at Templestowe Heights Primary School runs during second and third term and involves the students in their first year of school. Each week a variety of indoor equipment is set up in the Gymnasium and the students participate in rotating sessions of exercises, which develop many kinaesthetic skills including:

  • balance;
  • spatial awareness;
  • body image and control;
  • eye/hand co-ordination;
  • directionality;
  • language and problem solving.

Our Perceptual Motor Program will:

  • provide experiences in many areas through integrated activities
  • increase and develop the children’s knowledge of time, space, the pattern and order of the natural world and the laws and limitations that govern the human body
  • develop the child’s growing awareness of their own body
  • assist the development of each child’s concepts and language
  • assist the growth of each child’s self-esteem and confidence
  • improve the child’s strength, agility, flexibility, endurance and physical fitness
  • improve the child’s memory, auditory, social and problem solving skills
  • nurture the enjoyment and enthusiasm of the child