Special Programs

In term 3 we participate in a school-wide Writer’s Festival program. The focus of this year is ‘REMEMBER’. Students will be planning, designing, writing and producing their own written pieces. The students will have the opportunity to share their written piece with their grade, with other students and the parent community. We will have a visiting author, Michael Wagner, attend the school to deliver workshops. Michael is the author of over 70 books! All students will have the opportunity to work directly with him and gain an insight into the process of writing, illustrating and publishing a book.

We strive to ensure the learning experiences and opportunities we offer at Templestowe Heights are first class. We have developed partnerships within our local community and as a result offer many co-curricular programs that enrich and motivate our students and these include: weekly chess, privately tutored music lessons, garden club, dash robots, yoga, Aslan, Lego Technic, remote control cars club, after-school visual arts class and a school basketball team.

We have established a mutually beneficial partnerships with Templestowe College. Such programs include:

  • a reading tuition program for our grade 1 students that require additional support
  • a dual-school Junior School Council that comprises of elected Primary and Secondary School students who meet twice per year to discuss and act on ideas that can enhance the learning experience and opportunities for our schools

We have several community events that celebrate the achievements of our students – Art Show, School Ball, School Production and  Writer’s Festival.