School Newsletter

Information and notices are communicated through the weekly Templestowe Heights Primary School Newsletter published on Thursday and delivered via Compass.  At Templestowe Heights Primary School we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and provide greater access to information to our school community.
If you would like to read our weekly newsletter and you are not connected to Compass please see the newsletter tab on this website.



Information Evening

Parent/Carer -Teacher information sessions are held early in the school year at each year level to introduce the teacher to the parent/carer community and to establish an understanding of:

Curriculum Content
The Learning Process
Expected Levels of Achievement

Throughout the year, additional information sessions are held as required to inform parents/carers about school camps, specific school programs, transition programs and other curriculum initiatives.


Parent/Carer -Teacher Discussions

Formal meetings are held in Term 1 and 3. These meetings focus on student attitudes and the development of an Individual Learning Plan for each student. Individual learning goals are co-constructed with parents/carers, teacher and your child during these discussions.
An open invitation exists for parents and carers to arrange personal interviews whenever the need arises throughout the school year. Appointments need to be made with teachers.


Semester Reports

Parents/Carers will be provided with reports in June and December. Reports are distributed through Compass. These reports are designed to give parents/carers an account of each student’s attitude, achievements and performance. An opportunity to discuss reports is offered to parents/carers. Parents/Carers will need to arrange appointments with the class and specialist teachers.



School assembly is held on Friday afternoons at 2.45pm in the gymnasium every 3 weeks. The national anthem is sung followed by important news items, announcements and musical presentations by choirs, classes or individuals. The achievements of children are recognised and sporting results and house points are shared. All parents are welcome to attend.


School Council

School Council welcomes community feedback and opinion. Members of the school council are available for consultation.  Parents are encouraged to interact with the School Council by:

  • Presenting views personally or by signed letters
  • Responding to surveys
  • Involvement in school council sub committee activities.

Parents/Carers are invited to attend and observe School Council meetings. School Council will communicate via a report in the school newsletter after each Council meeting.
Communication is an essential part of any organisation, and schools are no exception. At Templestowe Heights Primary we have implemented a range of initiatives to ensure everyone in the school community is informed about what is happening and has the opportunity to contribute to school life.