House Swimming Carnival

Our annual House Swimming Carnival was held on Thursday 6th February at Aquarena in Doncaster. We were blessed with a beautiful hot sunny day so the children, and some staff, were eager to get into the pool.

The children looked fantastic dressed in their House colours along with bright banners and lots of loud cheering. All our students are encouraged to participate and ‘have a go’ and it was fabulous to see so many do exactly that. There were some nail biting finishes and some Ian Thorpe and Stephanie Rice swimmers.

Once the formal events were over it was time for the Fun Events to start. This involves all the children, and some staff, having the opportunity to get in the water for some fun water play. It was so wonderful to see the smiles on all the children’s faces, but especially those that were not able to compete in the formal races. It was great to hear the excitement in the children as they were discussing next year’s carnival in the bus on the trip home.

Congratulations to Green House for winning this year’s House Swimming Trophy.