Grounds Improvement Thanks To National School Pride Funding

Templestowe Heights Primary School has used money supplied be the NSP fund to improve our school grounds for our students, teachers and the community.

The school developed an outdoor amphitheatre created with natural rocks that will allow teaching to take place outside of the classroom. It is a special favourite for the performing arts students.

Our old asphalt courts have now been covered with TigerTurf to make them more user friendly all year round. Court markings include a basketball/netball court, a two lane running track, three bat tennis courts, several four squares and a rounders court.

New reversible basketball/netball rings have been added to make the court space even more multipurpose.

A gazebo has been constructed to give the students a sheltered outdoor area for eating and socialising. It is also an ideal teaching area for staff with their grade.

Several silver princesses gum trees have also been planted along the front of our school to give shade and protection to our native bird life but also to share the splendour of its white trunk and red gumnut flowers.

Safety has been improved with the installation of new black mesh fencing. This creates a barrier between the school and neighbouring fences. It also has created an area for the development of a school herb garden.

This garden has been created by the teachers, students and parents through many hours of hard labour. It is an area that continues to be added to, creating a beautifully scented walk area to be enjoyed by all!

Our environmental, focused community is continually improving and developing our school grounds. New non evasive ornamental pear trees have been planted along the side of the buildings to allow shade to our classrooms in summer yet let plenty of natural light to stream in during the winter months.

Templestowe Heights Primary School will continue to improve its school grounds.