Templestowe Heights Primary School offers an inclusive curriculum with five hours per day of instructional time. Our key focus areas of literacy (2×1 hour sessions per day) and numeracy (1 hour session per day) ensure our students develop the core learning skills to be succcessful global citizens. Students participate in inquiry units (i.e. earth sciences) that enable them to build skills and understandings of other key learning areas including science, geography, history, inter and intrapersonal development. Our specialist programs include The Arts (music and visual), Physical Education (Perceptual Motor Program, skills development and interschool competitions) and Languages (Italian).

Our curriculum is enriched through the varying authentic learning experiences and diverse opportunities we offer. Student voice is a focus at our school, as students are empowered by being part of the decisions we make as a school, through our student representative councils and other forums that provide vehicles for change.

Our dedicated teachers routinely take part in professional development to ensure the quality of the currciulum programs we offer are to a first class standard. This includes professional inquiry and action research conducted by our teachers that targets best practice strategies, identified by empirical educational research to have significant impact on student achievement.