Core Curriculum

Our curriculum is planned and implemented in accordance with The Victorian Essential Learning Standards which are arranged in three main strands

  • Discipline Based Learning – Knowledge and understanding from the key subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, The Humanities, Languages and The Arts
  • Physical, Personal and Social Learning – Physical, personal and social skills such as being active and healthy, developing self confidence, managing personal learning and working with others
  • Interdisciplinary Learning – Other essential skills that apply across curriculum areas such as thinking, design, problem solving, communicating, and using information and communications technology.

In Prep to Year 4 the curriculum focuses on developing the fundamental knowledge, skills and behaviours in literacy and numeracy and basic physical and social capacities which underpin all future learning.

In Years 5 and 6 students progress beyond the foundations, their literacy and numeracy becomes more sophisticated, and important discipline-based and interdisciplinary capacities are progressively introduced.



English is a key learning area which is integrated with other curriculum areas and follows a whole language and literature based approach. This combines listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.



The sequential mathematics program focuses on children learning through meaningful experiences. The program includes the teaching of space, measurement, number, chance and data, the four basic processes, mental computational skills, estimation and problem solving activities.



Promotes the students’ awareness and understanding of life and living, earth and beyond, natural and processed materials and the physical world. Science fosters investigation and thinking skills.


Health & Physical Education

All students participate in a physical activities program which involves studies in movement, food and nutrition, health, safety, human development and human relations. Junior students participate in a perceptual motor program designed to improve eye-hand co-ordination, gross motor skills and spatial awareness.


Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Information and Communication Technology studies and computer education programs operate at all grade levels. In addition to weekly sessions in our well equipped Resource Centre, children have access to computers located in all classrooms.


Language Other Than English – (Italian)

Children participate in an Italian language program which includes language and culture. The program is integrated with other curriculum areas.



The Arts program encompasses music, visual arts, media, drama and dance. All children participate in a quality visual arts program which involves art appreciation and creating, making and presenting art. Music education maintains a high profile through specialist lessons and an extension program incorporating choirs, orchestras, ensembles and instrumental instruction.